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Fishing Boat Chartering and Guides

See all the beautiful sights that Cape Coral, Florida, has to offer with a guided boat tour from Snookblaster Charters. I offer fishing guides and charters for families who want to learn, or just simply love, fishing. My tours take you to various fishing spots throughout the area to find lots of fish to catch. There are many different types of fish you can catch on my tours, including:

  • Snook
  • Trout
  • Red
  • Snapper
  • Grouper
  • Shark
  • Flounder
  • Tarpon

Fishing Sanibel and Captiva Island Florida

A typical day in on this Florida fishing charter starts out with catching bait. As an expert in throwing cast nets, I fill the live wells with bait in a short period. I instruct you in every facet of Florida flat fishing, from how to catch "shiners" to skipping your bait under the mangroves for snook with a bad attitude. After I load up the live wells with bait, the hunt for Florida Snook begins. People around here say he who has the most chum (shiners) wins, so let me show you how to become victorious.


This process starts when you troll up to a promising hole on a mangrove island to toss out handfuls of live bait in the live wells. This starts a feeding frenzy, causing every type of fish around to come to your spot in search of a free meal. This results in fish busting the bait on the surface, with an unbelievable show of power and fury. Multiple hookups result and this is what I call "angler's heaven." The best part is that you never know what type of fish you're going to catch.

What's Included in the charter

On my guided fishing charter, I provide everything you need to have a fun day. Included in my tour is the finest in fishing tackle and gear, as well as all necessary licenses. All bait and lures are provided, and the use of live bait is my specialty. From Loomis rods to Shimano reels, I provide the finest in fishing tackle. The only thing you need to bring is your food and drink. There are picnic areas on the beach where food and drink are provided, but I can also stop at a seaside restaurant for lunch.


The cost is $400 for a half-day (4 hours), $500 for 3/4 day (6 hours), or $600 for a full day (8 hours). Prices are for up to 4 anglers. Cleaning, icing, and bagging your catch is included with the package. Gratuity isn't included, but it is greatly appreciated.

About the Boat

At 20 feet, my boat is comfortable for everyone to enjoy. It is an ActionCraft with a 200 horsepower Yamaha engine. It's fast and will get you to your fishing destination in a hurry. There's also a canopy top to protect your from the heat and rain. Let me show you the best flat fishing spots in southwest Florida. There's no place on Earth with quite as many angling adventures as here.